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0.3% fees for Merchants

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Non-Custodial Payment Gateway

L2 zk-SNARKs Payment Technology

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Powered by the ForgingBlock Lightning Network Payment Gateway and Ethereum Layer-2 zk-SNARKs Payment Technology, ForgingBlock Payment Solution is 10x faster and 10x Cheaper than Bitpay and Coinpayments.


Transport Layer Security (TLS 1.3) is the ubiquitous encryption mechanism used within ForgingBlock transactions. TLS provides both authentication and end-to-end encryption.


No KYC required to use ForgingBlock Gateway as every transaction is Peer to Peer. Only one email is required to use all the products.

Multi-Blockchain Support

Implementing different blockchain payments using the universal ForgingBlock Payment API reduces developer learning curves.

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Decentralized & Non-Custodial

We exclude third-party interference making it censorship-resistant. Private keys are not available, so your funds are guarded against the possibility of theft or failure.

Direct P2P Crypto Transfer

Get paid in seconds, as payments are transferred directly from the customer’s wallet to the retailer’s wallet - no middleman. You have immediate ownership of your assets, and complete power.

Customer Data Privacy

Like other payment gateways, we will never ask for personal information from your customer, and we don't collect or store confidential data from your customer either. Each contract is clear.

Easy Implementation

Express setup gets you up and running in minutes. Or customize it with our easy API and docs.

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One API for All blockchains

A single API that works for all the blockchains

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Prebuilt integrations

Use integrations for systems like Shopify, WooCommerce, and more.

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const forgingblock = require(‘forgingblock’)(‘sk_test_FBokie


await forgingblock.paymentIntents.create({

      amount: 2000,

      currency: ‘usd’


Normal server.js 100%  ≡  6/6  Ln    :    4

$ node server.js && forgingblock listen

> Ready! Waiting for requests...

2020-12-01 14:48:48 [200] payment_intent.created

2020-12-01 14:48:48 [200] charge.succeeded

2020-12-01 14:48:48 [200] payment_intent.succeeded

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Comprehensive crypto implementation

  • Perform transactions using over 10 cryptos
  • Total transaction volume 100k Bitcoin
  • spend crypto in your favorite stores

Receive direct payments

Create a unique link for yourself that allows others to pay you directly without any fees.


Complete and organized reports

Full transaction history that can be sorted and organized by amount, date, status, and action type.


Comprehensive crypto implementation

  • Coins
  • Easily integrated API
  • Tokens
  • E-Commerce plugin ready to use
  • Private
  • Free support during integration

Who uses ForgingBlock?

Any merchant who wants to accept cryptocurrencies as a payment method will benefit from using ForgingBlock. In addition, merchants can use ForgingBlock to manage all of theircryptocurrencies in a single wallet.

Where can I find more information?

Check out our website for comprehensive information on how to use ForgingBlock. You can also follow our social media pages for more updates
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