White Label Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway

ForgingBlock provides you with a strategic approach to set up a payment portal for smooth customer experience irrespective of the payment platform or country with your client logo and color.

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ForgingBlock White label crypto payment processing

We’ve spent five years making our crypto payment gateway the best on the market. We already work with many online businesses, processing over millions in payments. ForgingBlock decentralized P2P cryptocurrency payment solutions are among the most secure in the industry

With ForgingBlock As A Partner, You Can:
  • Get your own brand-new cryptocurrency payment system
  • Get integration to top e-commerce shopping carts plugin with your own brand
  • Have receipts with own email templates and logo
  • Payments approved in other common cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum etc
  • Secure API and sandbox environment

With ForgingBlock you can manage 3 different systems for your clients:

E–Commerce Crypto Payment Plugin

ForgingBlock eCommerce

ForgingBlock payment E–Commerce crypto payment plugin is to help your coin and blockchain easily get adopted by integrating popular e-commerce websites including woo-commerce, wordpress etc.

Multi Currency Crypto Wallet

ForgingBlock eWallet

ForgingBlock Multicurrency payment wallet is a ready-made ("turnkey") solution for your customers, associated with your brand (White Label), for storing and using various existing cryptocurrencies as well as for creating your own cryptocurrency.

Multi Currency Crypto Payment Gateway

ForgingBlock eBank

ForgingBlock Multicurrency payment gateway simplify payment processing for merchants. Leverage proven technology, infrastructure and expertise by reselling these services as your own brand.

Minimize fraud

Our white label payment gateway offers tools to assist you and your merchants in the battle against fraud. Our sophisticated fraud management solution can help you protect genuine revenues whilst reducing the costs and administration associated with fraud.


Speedy route to market

A truly global solution will meet your payment needs now and into the future. Dedicated expert teams with a successful track record of integrating and supporting global white label resellers will get you to market quickly and easily, with the most effective launch plans. 


White label solutions for our partners

Go to market quickly with a competitive payment solution branded as your own.

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